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Our collections of stories, from the similar themed to the completely disconnected.

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Skybreaker: Tales of The Wanderer

Nobody knows what created the tear in the sky, or who caused it. All anyone knew was the tear could be seen everywhere...and everywhen. It stretched not just across the sky but across time itself. Smaller tears began to form around the world. People feared them, used them, investigated them. But the mystery about these tears was dwarfed when a shadowy figure started to show interest in them. A being without form and known only by a name that caused terror for all who heard it:

The Wanderer.


Adventure Awaits Volume 3

What time is it?

Lost civilizations, fast-paced action, lost treasures, and ancient cities. What wonders you will encounter among these pages of normal people doing amazing things. The adventure genre has always been about average joe defying the odds and coming out on top. About everyday persons facing the unknown, the savage and the untamed, and maybe surviving in the end.

The third installment of Adventure Awaits is the final piece in our loving tribute to one of the most exciting and versatile, and sometimes forgotten, genres within literary history. Meet those who shun the mundane in order to face the Adventure Awaiting.

With stories by: Shelly JarvisL.T. EmeryLana TrickDeborah Dubas GroomAshleigh Cattermole-CrumpGordon LinznerDeclan FletcherCharlotte LangtreeChris HewittDavid Green


Adventure Awaits Volume 2

Did someone say...adventure?

Want to read about ordinary people in extraordinary situations. About adventurers defying the odds. The lust for fame and fortune so strong that it drives the hero to feats bordering on the supernatural. Within these pages, you will find tales steeped in the tradition of William Lequex, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Frank Heller. Adventures to keep you on your toes, and keep you turning the page.

With stories from: T.R. EarnheartJason RussellEmma K. LeadleyChris CornettoBrandi HicksS.O. GreenJonathan InbodyTim MendeesDavid BowmoreGregg Cunningham


Adventure Awaits Volume 1

Action! Adventure! Excitement!
True adventure awaits you within these collected stories of daring-do in far-off places. From tales of impossible feats in foreign lands to sinister portals to other worlds. Ordinary people facing extraordinary challenges to survive or find their fortune. These stories are steeped in the tradition of the adventure tales found in old comic books or pulp magazines. Sit back, relax and allow fast-paced extreme action to take you away as adventure calls your name.

With stories by: Charlotte Langtree, Gordon Linzner, Chisto Healy, Alanna Robertson- Webb, Declan Fletcher, David Bowmore, Tim Mendees, Neen Cohen, Donovan "Monster" Smith and C. Marry Hultman


Just 13

Just 13 anthology a "Write With Purpose" project by Breaking Rules Publishing
Just 13 is an anthology of short stories by selected authors to write 13 different stories about 13 different paintings in only 13 pages.
All images are from local Ft Lauderdale artist - Andrew Mecham.

With stories from: C. Marry HultmanCye ThomasAdam CarpenterEsther JacobyKit WestPatty McCarthyRichard RandallSandra WellsTerry GrovesAaron LeboldChristopher ClawsonDaniel FisherErica Schaef


Lost Lore and Legends

Europe; the continent of fallen empires, vengeful Gods, lovers, myths, and legends. From the leshys of The White Forest in the east to the Fae and Wildlings of the west, Europe is home to a rich tapestry of folklore and, within these pages, we shall share those stories with you. Featuring a plethora of experienced and first-time indie writers, Lost Lores and Legends takes you on a journey of the fantastical, the romantic, the dark, and the desperate through three-hundred-and-fifteen tales of exactly one-hundred words. As you read, remember this: the legends are true... don't dare to forget.

With stories from:
Olivia Arieti, Abdul-Qaadir Taariq Bakari-Muhammad, Gabriella Balcom, Chris Bannor, Evan Baughfman, T.L. Beeding, Joshua E. Borgmann, Maggie D Brace, Mark Budman, Keith R. Burdon, Adam Carpenter, Ashleigh Cattermole-Crump, A.S. Charly, Holley Cornetto, Simon Clarke, Christopher T. Dabrowski, Meera Dandekar, Radar DeBoard, Deborah Dubas Groom, T.R. Earnheart, K.B. Elijah, L.T. Emery, Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway, DJ Elton, Ximena Escobar, Daniel Fisher, Declan Fletcher, Nick Gerrard, R.A. Goli, S.O. Green, Jennifer Hatfield, Zachary Hennis, Chris Hewitt, Brandi Hicks, Liam Hogan, Joel R Hunt, Nerisha Kemraj, Andrew Kurtz, Charlotte Langtree, Scarlett Lake, Emma K. Leadley, Colin Leonard, Gordon Linzner, Kati Lokadottir, John C. Mannone, Madeleine McDonald, Stacey Jaine McIntosh, Melody E. McIntyre, Umair Mirxa, S.C. Morgan, Victor Nandi, B.A. Nielsen, R.S. Nevil, Dale Parnell, Moe Phillips, Callum Pearce, Alannah K. Pearson, Destiny Eve Pifer, Simon J. Plant, Kim Plasket, Kimberly Rei, McKenzie Richardson, Alanna Robertson-Webb, Philip Rogers, Mary Rajotte, Connor Sassmannshausen, Dorian J. Sinnott, Donavon 'Monster' Smith, V.H. Stone, Joshua D. Taylor, Luis Manuel Torres, Nicki Vardon, Bernardo Villela, Thomas K.S. Wake, Jacek Wilkos, G. Allen Wilbanks, Anne Wilson, Patrick Winters, Jasiah Witkofsky, Brianna Witte, Emilian Wojnowski, Rainie Zenith

MMM ebook cover.jpg

Murder! Mystery! Mayhem!

Among these pages you will find ten stories of crime and detection. From classic whodunnits to modern police procedures. From jilted lovers to dastardly evil-doers of the orient. Eleven talented authors have put their spin on murder, mystery, and mayhem. Why not see of you can solve who did it?

With stories from Tim Mendees, David Bowmore, Charles Sartorius, Renee Lehnen, Rekah Valliappan, Margaret Karmazin, Albert N, Katz, Jasiah Witkofsky, Karen Keeley and Vincent L. Scarsella

Worlds Collide 5.jpg

Worlds Collide

What if zombies and leprechauns inhabited the same universe? What if The Wind in the Willows were faced with the horrors of the Lovecraft Mythos? Worlds Collide endeavors to answer these questions and several more in a collection of short stories containing knights, elves, aliens, arcade games, mummies, and much, much more. Delve deep into the absurd pages of worlds colliding, an experiment where authors introduce genres that seldom interact with each other.


With stories from:

Derek Power, Tim Mendees, Ella Elvery, Patrick Winters, Rachael Boucker, L T Emery, Michael Nadeau. T J Berg, Charlotte Langtree, Joseph Dowling,
Teel James Glenn, Deborah Dubas Groom, and Jasiah Witkofsky


Wicked West

Where the tumbleweeds blow, the blood flows in this re-imagining of the wild west. Ghosts, demons, curses, and witches run this lawless wasteland. Eleven stories of a haunted wild west fill this anthology from cult-like faiths and airships to ghosts and witches, there is something out there in the badlands sure to make shivers run down your spine.


With stories from:

Abigail Linhardt, C. Marry Hultman, Steven Streeter, James Lopez, Frank Sawielijew, KN Nguyen, Jon Gerung, Jude Reid, Jasiah Witkofsky & R.J. Howell


Kindlyckevägen 13, 59043 Rimforsa, Sweden

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