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General Fiction


 ​Struggle and Strife by Nick Gerrard

Fifteen short stories covering the political and personal struggles of today, yesterday, and the future. Stories of casual workers, holocaust survivors, refugees, slum dwellers, and trade unionists. Tales of protests and fight-backs against oppression, and the daily battles of ordinary people.


 ​​New Cottage Life by Esther Jacoby

Friendship – Loyalty – Trust

Hatred – Betrayal – Loss

This is the story of Natalie, Gabi and Samantha. They discover that more than simple friendship unites them. Together, they embark on a journey that will stretch their faith in each other and in themselves. Will their friendship survive?

​This book has also been translated into Germany by the author.


 The Boy In The Wardrobe by Esther Jacoby

For a small boy, growing up in a country where the sun shines all day every day, where ripened fruit falls off the trees along the roadside, and where people tolerate children's noisy play, life is good. But for Jaime, growing up in El Salvador of the 1990s, life is fraught with dangers. His family is poor. Before long, the local gangs called "Mara" get interested in him and offer him two choices: Pay protection money or become a member. For Celia across town, the choices are equally stark. While a foreigner helps Celia to escape to Europe, Jaime is left behind and hides. He becomes the Boy in the Wardrobe. His time is running short: if he is found by his pursuers, there will be no more choices. This coming of age story tells of lives marked by violence, fear, and the choices people have to make. Set slightly before the refugee crisis that hit Europe in 2015, it tells of why some people risk all to flee to safety.


 Musings on Death and Dying by Esther Jacoby

The moment we take our first breath, we begin to crawl on the winding road to our demise. No matter where we turn and why, the end is always the same: for all of us. This anthology is looking at just this journey and its many meanderings.  

There are many more stories to be told about a subject that is as old as mankind. So this compilation is nothing but what its title promises: ‘Musings on Death and Dying’.


Kindlyckevägen 13, 59043 Rimforsa, Sweden

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