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Meet the Team


Christopher Marry Hultman

Christopher lives in the Southeast of Sweden but comes from Mexican-American stock, more precisely the Belle City on the Lake Racine in Wisconsin. He wrote his first story at eight, about a Monster in a Lake and his stories have only improved slightly since then. Being the only one not living in Ireland he feels a bit left out when the others talk.


Callum Pearce

Callum is a Dutch storyteller, originally from Liverpool, England. He has been Published Multiple times across a variety of platforms. He prefers to write fantasy and horror but does the odd non fiction piece too.
He loves working with Nordic press, especially with their naughty, little sibling House Of  Loki producing excellent books for young people.
He lives in a foggy, old fishing town with his husband, a cat shaped sprite and a trickster God in the shape of a dog.


Derek Power

Hailing from Skerries, Ireland, Derek spends most of his time staring out at the sea and coming up with stories about fairies. He is also the joker of our little publishing house...although we're never sure if we should laugh with him or at him.


Kindlyckevägen 13, 59043 Rimforsa, Sweden

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