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Quarterly Anthology Contest - Guidelines

Quarterly Novella Contest


Nordic Press is now opening up for quarterly novella submissions.


The idea is that every third month images and quotes will be presented that will be grounds for inspiration, both for theme and genre. The best novella for each quarter will be published by Nordic Press or one of the imprints as both a paperback and ebook.


As usual we would like authors to follow our regular guidelines which can be found on here. We would also like you to submit through that same page. The chosen novella will be announced on the 30th March 2023.

Please include the keywords 'March Quarterly Contest' in your submission so we know it will be filtered to the correct location on our end.

Our prompt for this contest is for you to write a story inspired by this image:























Contest Rules

Open to: Anyone

Word length: 17.500- 40.000

Submission guidelines: see Nordic Press’ homepage

Royalties: 60% of net sales

Published as: ebook and paperback

Deadline: March 16th 2023


Kindlyckevägen 13, 59043 Rimforsa, Sweden

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