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Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Our science fiction and fantasy offerings


 ​Dawson Junior G3 by Brian Wagstaff

In the mid-24th Century life is comfortable and secure. Companions – robots almost indistinguishable from humans – fulfill their owner’s every need, including sexual. Almost every house is weaponized and able to protect its residents from any attack and to obliterate any attacker. This protection system is known as The Door, and the current version is Dawson Junior G3.

But as these home comforts have made people self-sufficient, they no longer meet up. In particular men and women are no longer attracted to each other. The population is plummeting. The state is doing its best to encourage people to marry and have children, but with little success.
Frank Mayfield, a well-off 39-year-old man, faces the prospect of a loveless marriage. But before the big day arrives, he accidentally meets a woman different from any other he has ever encountered. She makes him aware of the problems of his society and the way technology engenders distrust and drives people apart.

But can these problems be fixed? Having invented technology to make life safer and easier, is it possible to discard it and return to a simpler era? And is the society worth saving?

In a fast-paced and entertaining story, with many comic moments, Dawson Junior G3 confronts the questions ‘Where is technology taking us?’ and ‘how far can a decaying and corrupt society demand our loyalty?’


 ​An Odd Collection of Tales by Cye Thomas

From the author of the sci-fi thriller "Earth Door," comes the latest work by Cye Thomas.

After: When Dylan Forbes finds a pebble lying in a gutter, little does he know that from that moment on, his life will be changed forever.

Demon fire: When a teenage boy is trapped in an alleyway by a vicious street gang intent on causing him harm, a stranger comes to the rescue. But who is this good Samaritan and what price will Jason Ruiz have to pay for accepting his help?

"An Odd Collection Of Tales" is nine short stories that will grip you and leave you hanging on the edge of your seat. From aliens to demons, from witches to time travel, these nine tales are guaranteed to excite and confound.


 Earth Door by Cye Thomas

When ex U.S serviceman Bain Edwards receives a call from old army buddy Reeve Harrison, he's a little surprised. After all, he hasn't heard from his friend in nearly five years.Now Reeve is in England and he's in trouble.Leaving California behind, Bain crosses the ocean and heads for the U.K but when he gets there Reeve has vanished.As Bain delves into his friend's disappearance, he quickly realises that all is not what it seems. Who is Reeve really and how is he connected to the mysterious lights at Stonehenge?In a race against time, Bain must uncover the truth about the ancient monument and the dark secret that it hides.As the pieces of the jigsaw begin to unravel, Bain is drawn into battle against an adversary more powerful than he could ever imagined. With the fate of the planet hanging by a thread, he must fight not just for his friend, but for every other human being in a world that he calls home.


 Murder Planet by Adam Carpenter

After their cargo is seized by Customs, the crew of the fast freighter Tulyar are desperate for cash. Desperate enough to get involved in a jail break operation to liberate a rebel leader from a jungle planet where anything can kill you. Little do they know just how far the tyrannical regime that runs it will go to cover up their secret.


 Generation Ship by Adam Carpenter

In the follow-up to the thrilling MURDER PLANET, Sunita Kumar and the crew of Tulyar find themselves uncovering a deadly secret buried for five centuries.

On their way to Terra, Tulyar is assigned to make first contact with a 'Generation Ship', a long-lost colony vessel launched from humanity's beleaguered home planet to settle a new world. But Rosa Parks is missing from the main database of those ships.

As the boarding party make their way over to meet people who have spent half a millennium in deep-freeze, they and the Terran Union government will discover just what the phrase "Berchtesgaden is rebuilt" unlocks in a dusty vault…

Not everyone will make it out alive.


Six Day To Hell by E.L. Giles

A mysterious and deadly pathogen has decimated the world, reducing the population drastically and bringing down the most powerful governments. In these power vacuums violent militias have risen up and seized power, closing borders between states and ruling through fear and intimidation. All while the virus rages on, with no cure in sight. It is across this landscape that Garcia must travel, with information that could bring an end to the virus.

​But as he faces the demons of his past Garcia is learning that six days in hell can feel like an eternity...


Cold as Hell by Neen Cohen

The town of OpenFields is cold as hell...

Magic exists in OpenFields, and everyone but Adie plays their part. So what happens when murder and strangers visit the secret town?
Adie's normal isn't "normal." Cameras watch her sleep, the eyes of the townsfolk narrow at her sight, and when she discovers her bosses' office in disarray, and a stranger who makes her heart thunder, her world changes forever.

Author Neen Cohen's Cold as Hell is an Urban Dark Fantasy like no other.

What secrets do OpenFields hold?
Adie's journey will rock the town to its foundation.

Rebellion Rising.jpg

Rebellion Rising by Ashleigh Cattermole-Crump

Valrye was born to be a botanist. Her green thumb can turn the deadest of weeds into a plentiful harvest, but she lives a sheltered life never having been past the rocky cliffs of her island home. In a world drowned by the Great Rising, Valrye survives on one of the few remaining habitable land masses, growing crops and medicines with nothing to show for it except a dead mother and an estranged brother.


But when a book-smuggling pirate, a group of rebellious women and a whole lot of
family secrets lead Valrye to question everything, it soon becomes a race against the clock to find answers and maybe even an escape. But not everyone wants to see her succeed, and even if she does, what will she find beyond the stormy beaches of the only place she's ever known?

Sunshine ebook.jpg

Sunshine by L.T. Emery

The world is dying. Cyra, a ray of light in this dark world, finds a clue that may just reverse things. She sets off on a journey, through a broken world smothered by a deadly Smog that inflicts people with The Bronch, a disease that steals your mind as it slowly drowns you. All the while, mysterious Vampiric gangs, that appeared overnight, now rule what remains of the cities; imprisoning the last holdouts of humanity to slowly milk them of their lifeblood. Cyra battles against the nightmares of her parents' brutal deaths that seem to stalk her.


With the memory of a fleeting friend's last wish, she fights on. But can she return to the world a sliver of sunshine?


In Human Shadow by Gregory J. Glanz

Born the half-breed, bastard son of an orc chieftain, Wrank tries to survive life in OrcHome among ignorance and spite aimed at his human heritage even as he develops a Talent for folding shadow. When life is no longer viable among the clans, he escapes into the world of humans where he once again encounters intolerance from thieves, wizards, priests and assassins. With the eyes of imps, demons, miscreant gods, and a changeling upon him, can he survive In Human Shadow even though his future is foretold, his death foreseen?


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