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Short Stories

Collections of short stories 


Graffiti Stories by Nick Gerrard

A collection of short stories written as personal struggle stories from the perception of the underdog protagonist.


Punk Novelette by Nick Gerrard

Follow four friends growing up in the discounted seventies; broken homes, broken town, broken lives. And then Punk arrives... like a hammer blow... giving them a chance to make dreams, a chance to change. The ethos of Punk helps them fight for a life to live despite the crime, the danger; the whole knock you down pulse of the society around them. A Punk that helps them stay free from prison, and the gutter, and the mundane.
"As fast paced, raw and loud as two and a half minute punk singles." - Gypsy Lee Pistolero - Writer - Actor - Musician - and Punk Rocker.

Nick Gerrard is from the Czech Republic, has three books Published; Travelling for the Hell of It, Graffiti Stories and Lyrics without Music. His short stories, flash, poetry and essays have appeared in a wide variety of Magazines and Anthologies including Breaking rules, Piker press, The Platform, Spillwords, Minor Literature and Bluehour magazíne.


Kindlyckevägen 13, 59043 Rimforsa, Sweden

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