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The Story of Nordic Press

Nordic Press has been founded to be the writer's publisher. To be a means of support to all writers, both young and not so young, who are in pursuit of their passion for creative writing. Hoping to inspire those who love to read and write stories, long or short. 

​We were founded to help writers break down the system. Be a publishing house that is willing to take a chance on writers no matter their experience. Offer help when needed. And to work as a team with our authors, cutting through time to get the work done and move toward success.

Nordic Press is an independent publishing house, established in January, 2022, specialising in high-adventure, fantasy in all its sub-genres, and science-fiction publishing.

We are the purveyors of speculative fiction in all its forms and inspiration, with a particular focus on European folklore, mythology and inspiration; from the Fae to Stonehenge and Norse gods to the Wild Hunt.

We aim to give a voice to aspiring authors from around the globe with our anthologies - drabbles, flash fiction and short-story themed - to offering writers from European and Australia a chance to see their own work up in lights on the big stage of Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Waterstones and anywhere else books are sold. Working with the authors, your publishing team will endeavor to release high-quality works of fiction with enticing covers, polished editing, in-depth feedback and a helping hand at advertising stories you're proud of.

​Here at Nordic Press we ensure that our releases - both anthologies and single-author - will stand out from the crowd.

Our Mission - Goal & Drive

Our Mission - ​is to be the writer's publisher, create a writing community, provide encouragement, resources, competitions, and inspiration to writers, both young and not so young, at any writing level.

Our Goal - is to help any writer who has hopes to see and learn from others, as well as possibly become published.

What Drives Us - Writers that get lost in their own imagination, topics, and characters. Writers that have the nerve to look beyond, offer what they have within and are willing to break the rules. 

Nordic Press is an open and inclusive publishing house.
​No one is turned away because of race, sexual orientation or religious convictions. 


Kindlyckevägen 13, 59043 Rimforsa, Sweden

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