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Mortem Cycle

The Mortem Cycle - different themes in each book

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 ​Death Magic - Mortem Cycle volume 5 

They executed Alvard Lestrange for treason.

A necromancer.

A wielder of Death Magic.

This is the story of his victims, trapped in mundane objects for three centuries.

This is the story of the lives they will, unwittingly or maliciously, destroy.

12 authors. 12 stories. 12 souls, all caught in Lestrange's web.

They sent him to death, but death was an old friend…


 ​Death Cuisine - Mortem Cycle volume 4 

You ask any chef and they will tell you that kitchen work can be murder. Normally, they don't mean that literally, but that is about to change.
Inside this combination anthology and cookbook you will find thirteen tales of culinary terror and an accompanying recipe. So, set the oven to gas mark 666 and prepare for a smorgasbord of gastronomic ghastliness and pray that your next meal won't be your last.

Featuring stories from: Neen Cohen, Tim Mendees, Callum Pearce, S.O. Green, Jasmine Jarvis, Rhiannon Lotze, Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway, Rebecca Rowland, Elizabeth Nettleton, Drew Starling & Chisto Healy.


 ​​Death Beyond - Mortem Cycle volume 3 

If the fear of the unknown is the most basic of all fears, then space must be the most horrific of all. The great vastness of infinite space is enough to make the bravest soul tremble. For in space no one can hear you scream. Read these eleven tales of strange dimensions and emptiness and pray that nothing replies when you call for help.

With stories from:
Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway, Jade Wildy, Tim Mendees, Nicola Currie, Chris Hewitt, G Allen Wilbanks, Gregg Cunningham, Peter J. Foote, Jonathan Inbody, David Green, Rachel L. Tilley


 Death Ship - Mortem Cycle volume 2

For centuries the vast expanse of the ocean has been the bane of man. The dark depths haunting, calling errant sailors, hiding secrets. Promising riches, but also tragedy. Not all things evil hide beneath the waves. Sometimes it lies in wait on the surface of the calm water.
Death Ship promises twelve tales of terror on water. Do you dare take the plunge?

With stories from: Stephen JohnsonS.O. GreenJonathan InbodyClint FosterTim MendeesPeter J. FooteG. Allen WilbanksE.L. GilesDavid GreenC. Marry Hultman


 Death House - Mortem Cycle volume 1

You know the house. The one at the end of the road down the long driveway that seems to have a permanent shadow hanging over its head.
One that sends shivers up the spines of people who pass as they quicken their pace and bow their head in the hopes nothing will happen to them.

The one that is the gossip of the water-cooler, yet no one really knows why.

In Death House, several talented authors take us on a journey through the houses they see in their nightmares.

Ones that contain all manner of haunts, horror, death and destruction. Houses that may not simply be plucked from the imagination, but may in fact exist in reality.

Be wary of the house whose door you step through.
You can never be sure what is on the other side.

With stories from: Terry MillerStephen HerczegShawn M. KlimekScott DysonScarlett LakeRachel C. PendragonPhilip RogersPeter J. FooteNicole LittleNicholas WilkinsonMichelle RiverMaggie D. BraceKimberly ReiJohn H DromeyJade CindersHari NavarroGregg CunninghamG. Allen WilbanksEvan BaughfmanChris HewittChisto HealyCallum PearceAlexandra HarperE.L. GilesDavid GreenC. Marry Hultman


Kindlyckevägen 13, 59043 Rimforsa, Sweden

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